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THE CMO Show – The Future of AI Marketing

Ever feel like automating your marketing takes more time than it saves? Machine learning should free you from manual tasks, not add to the list.

Will Scully-Power, CEO of customer experience automation platform PASCAL argues there’s one very simple reason why you aren’t making any progress towards full automation – because most machines aren’t actually learning anything.

“All of these platforms that exist today, there’s no machine learning,” Will says.

“And if it is, their machine learning is, ‘Did someone open an email?  Yes, give them a point.’ Machine learning. That’s not real machine learning.”

Which is a problem, because effective automation is fast becoming a prerequisite of effective marketing. From chatbots to real-time contextual geographic marketing, modern marketing solutions demand insight-driven automation to deploy the right message quickly, at scale.

Will Scully-Power anticipates marketing automation will eventually free marketers from manual work which comprises ‘98% of their eight hours a day’, empowering them to spend their time more productively tackling the creative jobs that machines aren’t well suited to.

Will outlines three key problems AI providers need to solve:

1. The creation of effective, scalable machine learning which can optimise a campaign without human input.

2. Ensuring that decision-making system’s logic is transparent and easily comprehensible by marketers seeking to analyze and augment those automated insights.

3. Designing a prescriptive system which can not only predict future actions – but understand why the user would make those actions.

On this week’s episode of The CMO Show, Mark and Nicole explore the truth behind machine learning, scalable marketing insights and why ‘drag and drop’ usually doesn’t mean anything of the sort.

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